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Knowing Your Purpose & Living It.

Life! I want you all to hear one of my very first podcast. Link is below. I brought on some very dear friends of mine, the ever so dope, T-Daddy, the lovely Elaina and the oh so chilled, laid back and coolin’ Joe! We talked about how we as young successful black people, discovered our purpose in life. Now, I want to know what do you think your purpose is in life? Too many times society, especially young black people, do not talk to each other enough about our purpose and many of us don’t know it until we discover it much later in life.

I didn’t know what my purpose was for quite sometime. I felt as though I was caught up in a robotic lifestyle. Wake up. Eat. Get my son to school. Sit in TRAFFIC. Go to work. Get off work. Sit in TRAFFIC. Cook dinner. Get my son to bed. Go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Then the next day and the next day, and somebody slap me already! Let’s chat about that! Finally, I read Rick Warren’s, Purpose Drive Life, and it caused me to think about my life differently. There were other books I started reading and before you know it, I had found my purpose. There is a secret, that not many discover until much later, that I discovered through my mentors who were more seasoned than myself in life. The key is realizing that as you grow older and evolve, so does your purpose evolve. You must realize that early and be ready for those changes. Your understanding of life is enhanced, you’re at peace within yourself and you can actually snatch more moments of true joy of accepting yourself for who you are in the present and where you’re going. From my heart to yours, know that your past is just that, your past. Create your future by reinventing the present. Take opportunities and risk you normally wouldn’t of dream of taking. If your past walks back into your present, pray/meditate and follow your inner guidance and make the right choices. Love and live for each moment that is new. You only get one life, live it to your fullest!

Checkout the podcast. Find Your Purpose

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