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Happy Self-Care Sunday!

Life happens and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it but live through it. Humanity presents all types of obstacles and God knew we would experience hardships, pain, and loneliness. God knew our stories before we were even born. So why does God allow us to experience rape, molestation, assault, murder, loneliness, abuse, and illness? Even in death, whether it’s death by illness, murder, or birth, God has a purpose that so many times we don’t understand. When God created humanity, the Lord knew that we would never be perfect. So why do we try so hard to be? When you experiencing pain in your darkest moments, you must maintain balance and allow yourself to cry. Talk to someone, write it down, and just be present with your emotions. God did not leave you powerless! You have the power to choose a better outcome. Remember in the book of Genesis when Josephs’ brothers sold him and he ended up in slavery in Egypt? Joseph loved God and himself and adapted to his environment. He illuminated in his darkness to shine bright in all that he did. God was with him, and others saw his light and most importantly his light overcame his darkness and God was with him the whole time. Joseph could have succumbed to his emotions of fear of a new environment, sadness from missing his family, and anger at his brothers for selling him. However, he chose to be the light in the middle of his darkness. In essence, Joseph powered through his darkness and leveled up to bigger and better chapters of his life. Don’t wallow in your pain but choose to be bigger than your current situation. Don’t let life’s twist of darkness tear you apart, use it to unfold your story and share with others how you healed and overcame your past darkness, and pain. I was violently raped at 18, and I chose to be angry, feel disgusted, and be mad at God and all men. I had to learn to stop destroying my life and start loving myself. Are you someone who has been raped, trafficked, or molested? Did you wonder why God would allow your innocence, your precious soul to be ripped apart by another human being? Did you lose hope in the joy of living life, because you felt like a target? There is a purpose for your pain, channel all fo the energy you feel from hurting into understanding the person who hurt you and their pain. Hurt people, hurt people. Don’t let your pain define you, but you define your pain With purpose. Speak it aloud, write it down, and share it with others. Thank you for reading my thoughts and allowing me to share a beautiful rose with you today.

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