About the Author

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Thank you for blessing me with your presence by visiting my website. I started this journey with a desire to share my story in hopes to help women and children around the world who are hurting and don't see a way out of their abusive situation. Shame and fear consumed me for a very long time and I did not want to open up about my life to anyone. Then something awesome happened, I began to share my story in small women groups and learned that my story impacted many women's lives. I was shocked and in awe of God's amazing grace and mercy to turn my life story into a powerful tool that encouraged people to level up and power through the darkest moments of their lives!

For every child, boy or girl, for every adult, man, or woman that is being or has been sexually, physically, or verbally abused, know that you are NOT alone. I am praying for you every day and I pray you read my memoir and read how I survived and now live shameless and fearless! Know that you are loved by me just as you are. Don't change for anyone and love yourself for who you are. Power through & Level up with me!